2019 Risk Assessments

Carnival Notice

The Organisers of this year’s Carnival have undertaken an inspection of the procession routes to be used by those taking part in the carnival and by spectators, and have recorded their findings in two separate risk assessments.

The Organisers would like to emphasise the need for reasonable and diligent care to be exercised by all during the events so that a successful Carnival can be achieved without incidents or injury.

In particular, be aware and take due care in relation to the following:

  •  Uneven surfaces on roads and pavements
  •  Surges of the crowd in busy areas and narrowings
  •  Close proximity of vehicles and pedestrian traffic
  •  Young children not under direct control of a parent
  •  Emergency and designated access arrangements
  •  Roadside, building and overhead obstructions
  •  Pedestrian crossings and pedestrian restrictions
  •  The need to comply with Police or Event Marshal instructions at all times.
  •  The need for patience, neighbourly behaviour andconsideration towards othersThe Organisers have provided the above information in order to raise Participant awareness on key safety issues. Participants have a duty of care to look after their own safety and that of others who may be affected by their actions or omissions.The Organisers can not accept responsibility for any incidents resulting from factors beyond their control and have emphasised the need for due care to be exercised by all parties throughout the event.

Afternoon Procession


Evening Procession